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Artwork instructions for designing metal pins

General artwork instructions

There are downloadable artwork instructions available on each product page. When you go to a product you're interested in ordering, see right below the price list to download design and artwork instructions for that particular product. If you can supply artwork for the order as a vectorized file, you will save days in the production time of your order.

The metal pin has various heights and recesses when die-struck or die-cast. When you create your design for pins, try to do it as a vector file. Mark clearly which points are lower and which are higher. You can do this, for example, with different colors and by marking the colors with captions. Doing so will speed up proofing and save you from waiting for new proof.

The colors used in enameled pins follow the Pantone® Coated color chart. If certain colors are not available, the closest colors are used. Genuine Cloisonné enameling uses natural minerals, which is why the colors always differ slightly from the desired shade. Small color differences between the pins are also possible in Cloisonné pins.

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