Customized Namebadge Button

Personalized during printing process, giant name badge buttons are easily seen

Namebadge Button Badges
Namebadge Button Badges
Namebadge Button Badges
Namebadge Button Badges
Giant name badge buttons

Perfect for visitor identification, here is a different product. Forget those old flimsy, laminated conference badges and lanyards. Giant name badge buttons are a product your event visitors will love.

No need for a piercing

We have developed this product with a specific user group in mind. The cheapest identification products come with a sharp pin, requiring visitors to pierce their garments. In a finely-knit blouse, there is a permanent hole from the pin. Our preferred attachment is a specifically designed two-part namebadge magnet. The removable part of the magnet is inserted inside the shirt or a jacket. With nothing penetrating through the clothing, they remain intact.

Customized during printing

Our giant name badge buttons are customized during the printing process.

It means you don't need to supply us with more than a single design and a list of attendees. There can be more than just the name, and it could be the title, company, anything. Send an Excel sheet along with your order through our secure transfer page, and we will take care of the rest.

You will receive a box full of high-quality printed name badge buttons ready to wear, with attachments in place and badges alphabetized.

Fast production time

Our normal production time for this product is about a week from receiving all the necessary artwork files. If the quantity is very large, it might take another week to finish the badges in alphabetized order in the thousands.

Contact us to receive a quotation based on the size of your event.

Name Badge Buttons - Price List

Send us a request for a quotation to get the pricing of name badge buttons.

Button diameter 100 pcs 200 pcs 300 pcs 400+ pcs
Ø 100mm
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Ø 76mm
Ø 57mm

Standard production time is approximately a week from digital proof. See Shipping Charges & Tax information.

Optional products and services
Magnetic attachment
Two-part name badge magnet
1,32 €
Soft touch lamination
Soft to the touch surface finish
from 0,11 €
Matt lamination
Surface is matt laminated
0,11 €
Metallic printing
Metallic gold or silver
from 1,10 €
Glow in the dark round buttons
Phosphorescent (charges from any light source)
from 0,55 €
Glow in blacklight (UV-light)
Fluorescent buttons react to blacklight
from 0,55 €
Set-up Charges
Printing set-up charge
Full-color printing is a standard
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Taco Bell
Amnesty International
The Lego Foundation
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