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Make pin-back buttons with Buttonmaker machine

Get a Buttonmaker to start making buttons

The Buttonmaker badge machine made of iron is relatively easy to operate, although the machine itself has considerable weight. With a pinback button machine, even kids can make badges themselves under the guidance of an adult.

The badge machine lasts a lifetime

Our Buttonmakers do not have detachable parts, making the machines virtually maintenance-free. The Buttonmaker machine is eternal when used correctly, as it has no easily worn parts. The only maintenance is to add grease to the badge machine that provides the lubrication needed by the pinback button machine to make the badges.

A device suitable for use in a public space

We have sold many button badge machines for use in public locations such as libraries, youth centers, and educational institutions. In such environments, the badge machine needs to be durable, as the unaccustomed user always puts the badge machines to the test.

Badges made of paper only

The most important rule to ensure the operation of badge machines is to make badges only according to the instructions and only from paper.

The components of the badge machine are designed so that plain printing paper works well. Thick cartons, fabric, or adhesive stickers will not work on the badge machine and are likely to clog the machine. It is possible to service and get a clogged machine back in working order, but it is laborious.

Buttons made of fabric on a different machine

A badge machine that works for fabric or the material you require is available on request. The delivery time is about 1-2 months, and in that case, we need samples of the same material, for example, the fabric from which you are going to make the badges. A Buttonmaker made separately for thicker material cannot be used to make ordinary badges. The button components would not work with regular paper on a machine built for thicker material.

Buttonmaker Price List

Size Product Individual price Price as a set
ø 32mm
Buttonmaker 372,90 € 656,70 €
803,40 € incl.VAT
• In Stock
Graphic cutter 306,90 €
Button components (1000 pcs) 141,90 €
ø 38mm
Buttonmaker 438,90 € 711,70 €
863,41 € incl.VAT
• In Stock
Graphic cutter 328,90 €
Button components (1000 pcs) 152,90 €
ø 45mm
Buttonmaker 493,90 € 807,40 €
999,81 € incl.VAT
• In Stock
Graphic cutter 361,90 €
Button components (1000 pcs) 170,50 €
ø 57mm
Buttonmaker 537,90 € 862,40 €
1 061,19 € incl.VAT
• In Stock
Graphic cutter 394,90 €
Button components (1000 pcs) 187,00 €
ø 76mm
Buttonmaker 759,00 € 1 181,40 €
1 458,12 € incl.VAT
• In Stock
Graphic cutter 427,90 €
Button components (1000 pcs) 273,90 €

Prices are VAT 0%. Standard dispatch time is within three days from order.

Add peace of mind

Buy an additional warranty for the badge machine and get service at the cost of postage alone.

If service is required, always contact our sales before sending the Buttonmaker in for maintenance. We first check if there is a real need for care. For most problem situations, you can find the answer directly in the Buttonmaker Instructions.

Standard mail delivery
No delivery time estimate
31,90 €
12 month maintenance service
Pay for transportation only
218,90 €
24 month maintenance service
Pay for transportation only
328,90 €
One time maintenance
Pay for transportation only
64,90 €
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