Custom Printed Doming Pins

A clear dome creates a magnifying effect for custom lapel pins

Printed epoxy doming pins
Printed epoxy doming pins
Printed epoxy doming pins
Printed epoxy doming pins
Printed epoxy doming pins
Printed epoxy doming pins
Printed epoxy doming pins
Printed epoxy doming pins
Printed epoxy doming pins
Printed epoxy doming pins
Printed epoxy doming pins
Printed epoxy doming pins
Printed epoxy doming pins
Metal hat pin and brooch
The Most Economical Lapel Pin Type

Custom epoxy doming pins are perfect when you want a complex image, gradient, or photo printing on your lapel pin. Either offset printing or screen printing can make the clear doming pins. The base material of the pin is either brass, stainless steel, or aluminum.

High-quality finishing options

If you want a prestigious finish and metal parts from the pin in gold or silver, the pin body is brass. Stainless steel is the most durable but cannot be silvered or gold plated. Aluminum is the most preferred base material, but even that cannot be finished in gold or silver, and the end result is a bit of a brushed metal look.

Screen printing reveals metal surface

Epoxy doming pins can be screen printed, in which case a screen printing screen is first made from the image of the pin. The screen printing is first printed on a metal plate baked at about 250-350 degrees to cure the ink. After the baking step, the pins are cut from the plates and finished to the desired pin shape. When screen printed, colored surfaces can be created directly on the metal of the pin, leaving areas on the pin as a metal surface, as is demonstrated by some of our reference pictures.

Finishing the doming lapel pins

Finally, a clear liquid epoxy varnish or, more often, polyurethane, which hardens on the surface of the pin to form a completely clear, convex lens, is added to the pins. Hence the name lens pin or printed doming pin. The advantage of polyurethane for older epoxy casting is clarity, and unlike epoxy, polyurethane does not turn yellow over time.

Short turnaround rush orders

We can also manufacture some forms of doming lapel pins quickly in really short turnaround times if your order is in a hurry. Instant doming pins are completed in as little as 24 hours, which it takes to print and cure the polyurethane doming lens.

Put the implementation of your pin in the hands of our skilled team and contact us, we will guide you in choosing the right pin. You can also email us your subject and receive a quote with the appropriate implementation.

Printed Doming Pins - Price List

The price list is only indicative, subject to final shape and finish. Smallest manufacturing quantity is always 100 pcs.

Pins diameter 100 pcs 200 pcs 300+ pcs
10mm 1,27 € 0,96 €
15mm 1,31 € 1,05 €
20mm 1,39 € 1,07 €
25mm 1,45 € 1,09 €

Standard production time is approximately three weeks from the approval of digital proof. See Shipping Charges & Tax information.

Optional products and services
Butterfly clutch
Standard lapel pin attachment
Rubber butterfly clutch
Different color options
0,17 €
Magnetic attachment
Detachable for use with shirt
from 0,43 €
Individually packaged
Clear PP bag
Packaging with printed card
Custom-printed card for pins
Acrylic jewellery case
Clear cover with black base
from 0,43 €
Metal plating (optional)
For gold or silver metal part
from 0,34 €
Metal made from iron
Required for magnetic attachment
from 0,11 €
Set-up Charges
Printing set-up charge
For prints up to four colors
44,00 € - 104,50 €
Offset-printing set-up charge
For full-color prints
104,50 €
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